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Legal Fees – Employment & Disability Cases

Can’t Afford Up-front Legal Fees? Don’t Worry, there are None.

How Much does it Cost to Hire an Employment Lawyer or Disability Lawyer?

Disability Cases and Our No Fee Guarantee

With disability cases, our law firm does not require any legal fees paid upfront by you. If we decide to work together, we will never ask you for money upfront.  You may have heard the familiar statement echoed by many American attorneys – we don’t get paid in less you get paid. The statement sounds cliche, but it is in fact true. What this statement means is that lawyers often work on contingency, meaning the legal fees paid to the law firm are contingent on a successful recovery in the case.

If we decide to work together on your disability case, the agreement that you enter into with Lalande Employment Lawyers is called a contingency agreement. Since most claimants that are denied disability cannot afford to hire a lawyer, and pay them by the hour, contingency agreements allow lawyers to take a reasonable percentage of any settlement or jury verdict and, if there is no recovery, we guarantee that we will not charge you any legal fees whatsoever.

The benefit of the contingency fee is that allows a person who does not have a lot of money to pay a disability lawyer at the beginning of the case. Instead, the contingency fee levels the playing field and allows claimants that are suffering financial difficulties to hire the best lawyers and obtain the highest quality of disability legal services to help them get their disability benefits back on track.

Once you decide to hire our Hamilton disability lawyers, the agreement will be discussed with you in detail. The agreement will be in writing, as mandated by Ontario ethic rules, the percentage of recovery, costs paid to you and other expenses that will be deducted from recovery will be fully explained to you so you have a full and clear understanding before proceeding in your case.? If there is no recovery, we guarantee that we will not send you any type of legal account whatsoever.

Employment Law Legal Fees

For terminated employees, we understand that you may be suffering from terrible financial difficulty and hardship. We can no doubt accommodate your situation and work together with you in coming to an agreement on how your legal fees should be paid. The important thing is that you do not need to give up your rights in an employment law case just because you?re worried about paying legal fees.

We have various fee arrangements that we can discuss, including contingency fees, deferred payment plans and hourly fee agreements.

Many times, if we decide to work together with an employee on a wrongful dismissal case, or if you?ve been the victim of discrimination because of your race, religion, sex, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation etc. and this played a part in your termination, we will can offer to enter into an employment contingency agreement with you , which would allow you to not pay any money up front, but instead, pay a fixed percentage of the amount of compensation we recover for you.

The employment law contingency agreement will be negotiated ahead of time between you and our Hamilton Employment Lawyers and with our firm – there will be no hidden fees, ever. What we negotiate at the start of the case is what you will be paying, and not a penny more.

If you’ve been fired or you have been denied your long term disability benefits, contact our Hamilton Employment Lawyers today

If you?ve been wrongfully terminated from your employment? or your disability company has denied or cut-off your disability benefits, you?re probably wondering whether you should and can hire a lawyer – and the answer is yes, without a doubt. There are many different type of fee arrangements that you can enter into with our Hamilton Employment and Disability Lawyers.? For disability cases, we will never ask for money upfront. For employment cases, you will have the options of a deferred payment plan through a contingency agreements, we could bill you hourly, or work with a mix of contingency / hourly fees. Take action now and contact our Hamilton employment today by filling in a contact form. We would be happy to speak to you about your situation and return your inquiry promptly. We are here to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Common Questions about Legal Fees

Don’t give up your rights in an employment law or disability case just because you are worried about paying lawyer’s fees. Call our Hamilton Employment and Disability Lawyers to discuss your situation. We work on contingency basis – so there is NO upfront legal fees.

There are many benefits to the contingency fee arrangements, such as:

  • not having to pay a hefty retainer up front
  • you are freed from the pressure of hourly fees or monthly account
  • negotiating a pre-determined fee
  • levelling the playing field against wealthier economic giants
  • you can control your cost and reduce your financial risk
  • no up-front fees
  • incentive for your lawyer to do a better job and give the utmost to your case

You may if you wish, but since we represent clients all across Ontario, we meet many of our clients virtually via zoom, or speak on the telephone. The choice is up to you, and we would certainly be happy to speak to you in a way that you feel most comfortable.

Disbursements are costs incurred by our law firm and paid with by our own funds for items required to prove your case, such as costs to obtain your disability file, your medical records, rehabilitation records, financial records, specialist records, court fees, expert witness fees ect.

Lawyers are required to charge HST on all legal fees and disbursements.

Hiring our disability law firm will not cost you a thing up front. Our firm works on contingency and funds the entire case upfront, and only gets paid if you get paid.


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