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Employment Law Consultations

Talking to us is always free but it’s important to understand that we are selective about the cases that we take. When you contact our firm with an employment matter, whether by telephone call, email, live chat or contact form – your communication with us will be screened by an employment lawyer in order to determine if we will be able to assist you with your matter. Unfortunately, because of the large amount of inquiries that we get, we are not able to represent everyone that calls in communicates with our office.

If we decide that your termination is something we can likely assist with, we will then schedule an in person meeting, or a meeting via Zoom – at no cost to you – to discuss your matter. At that point, after meeting one another, we will decide whether or not to work together.

The goal of the initial consultation with Lalande Employment Lawyers is for our firm to gain a clear understanding of your employment or termination situation and for you, as the client, to learn about the applicable law, and to develop a plan to handle the problem or employment law claim. During the initial consultation we will try our best to gather all relevant information concerning your situation, ascertains your objectives, evaluate the legal and non-legal aspects of your particular employment law situation and if we think we can help, develop a plan of action.

A lot of the time the initial consultation is simply the beginning of a longer, more substantial lawyer-client relationship. Sometimes, however, the initial consultation may be all that is necessary to satisfy an employee that their severance was fair – or – that the exorbitant costs of litigation may not be worth the potential recovery or any compensation the employee may be entitled to. Other times, the employees finds value it simply staying in touch with an employment lawyer, staying in touch with the attorney, either as events unfold or for further advice and guidance – or to have the employer lawyer review a new contract or employment agreement. And, of course, many times the initial consultation is just the beginning of a longer, more substantial lawyer-client relationship. For more information see our questions and answers below.

Free Long-Term Disability Consultations

No, talking to us is free. there is no fee for initial consultation in disability cases – all disability consultations are 100% free and without any obligation to retain the firm. We understand that claimants who can no longer work due to a disabling illness or injury no doubt face the toughest time of their lives. We understand your financial hardship and know this is no time for you to fight your disability insurance company on your own, or get lost in the appeals process with disability carriers who rarely overturn their own original denials.We represent disability claimants anywhere in Ontario. Please call us local in the Hamilton / GTA at 905-333-8888 toll-free at 1-844-LALANDE or complete a contact form for a free phone, video conference or in-person office consultation. One of our disability lawyers will contact you upon receipt of the message. No matter where you live in Ontario, if your disability benefits have been denied, our Hamilton disability lawyers will be ready to evaluate your potential case. We offer several ways to contact us, and in each case we will respond to you quickly. For more information see our questions and answers below.

If you’ve been fired or you have been denied your long term disability benefits, contact our Hamilton Employment Lawyers today

At Lalande Employment Lawyers, our Hamilton employment & disability lawyers understand how terribly difficult it can be for employees and claimants to fight back against employers and insurance companies. Regardless of whether you are looking for a wrongful termination lawyer or disability lawyer in Hamilton, our employment law firm can help you effectively fight back against your current or former employer’s illegal practices, help negotiate or litigate your severance package or get your disability benefits back on track. Take action now and contact our Hamilton labor lawyers for legal advice about your rights at work – and your rights to fight back against your insurance company who cut-off or denied your long-term disability benefits. Contact us today by filling out a contact form. We would be happy to speak to you about your situation and return your inquiry promptly.


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Common Questions about Consultation Fees

Our office will reach out and provide you with a document outlining the next steps, the cost of the initial consultation, and what documents we need to review.

Although we prefer meeting in person, we can certainly meet via zoom or have a teleconference with you.

You may if you wish, but since we represent clients all across Ontario, we meet many of our clients virtually via ZOOM, or speak on the telephone. The choice is up to you, and we would certainly be happy to speak to you in a way that you feel most comfortable.

We will provide you with a letter in advance of your meeting advising you of the documents we require prior to our meeting, which are generally your last pay stub if available,? a copy of your proposed severance agreement or release; and of your original contract of employment or written agreement. It is also useful, if possible, to provide us with any written agreements, compensation agreement, non-solicitation, or non-compete agreements that may be in place.

It is often useful for you to prepare a short chronology of material events that led to your particular situation and bring it to the initial consultation. We will ask for a more detailed chronology of events in the event you retain the firm to prosecute your employment claim, in addition to any published severance policies or procedures; relevant company manuals, benefit plan information, relevant performance appraisals, evaluations and notices; and all correspondence, memos, emails, or notes relevant to the issues involved.


At some point, we would ask you for an organization chart, unofficial hand-drawn or not, so that it can help us quickly learn who the relevant players in your company are and where you fit in the company.

We will ask you to send some relevant documentation in before the consultation session. Also note that the time spent reviewing such documents in preparation for the session is part of the consultation charge.

yes, we can surely do a consultation via ZOOM


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